This blog is a platform for Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee members to engage OACAC membership and non-members on issues and news related to diversity, access, and education at the statewide and national levels.

The Inclusion, Access and Success Committee shall stay informed of any important statewide diversity issues related to higher education and relay that information to the OACAC membership. The Inclusion, Access and Succes committee will also ensure that OACAC integrates diversity within the membership, committees and programming.

The responsibilities of the committee include:

  • Lead discussions on issues of access and equity in the college admissions process, and serve as a resource to OACAC members.
  • Work to ensure that all OACAC conferences have topics that explore diversity and multicultural issues.
  • Communicate issues and concerns as they relate to diversity and multiculturalism to OACAC members by using technology and OACAC resources.
  • Administration and selection of the Charles L. Warren Memorial Heritage Scholarship
  • Work to increase membership and participation in OACAC from counselors in urban areas

Please visit oacac.org for additional information and resources.

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