National Coming Out Day!

TomorrowOctober 11th, is National Coming Out Day.
To celebrate, I’m coming out with some information that will be helpful as you work with LGBTQ+ students in the college search process.
First, the Gender Unicorn is the most up-to-date visual to better understand gender identity, gender expression, sex assigned at birth, and physical and emotional attachment. It’s important to recognize the differences between these terms as we work with students!
Next, the Campus Pride Index Trans Clearinghouse has lists and links of colleges that have nondiscrimination policies that include gender identity/ expression, gender-inclusive housing, trans-inclusive athletic policies, LGBTQ+ Identity questions on admission forms, Women’s college policies, Record changing lists, and medical related resources. It’s a great resource, and is not trans* exclusive.
Finally, there are MANY scholarship organizations that are out there (and several Universities that offer scholarships for students, as well), but I wanted to draw attention to the Point Foundation. For students that are out, and willing to share their story, it has done great things in the community. Today, I applied to be a reader for the Foundation, and I encourage you to do the same if you have an interest in this population.
 As a shameless plus, this information is a small slice of what the OACAC Inclusion, Access and Success (IAS) committee provides for professionals.  If you are interested in being a part of the conversation related to diversity and equity issues, I encourage you to visit and check out IAS.
Charlie Runyan
Westerville South High School
IAS Chair

FAQ Sheet: Financial Aid and Undocumented Students

Have questions about how financial aid and eligibility for undocumented or DACA students? The U.S. Department of Education has drafted a very informative and concise document that answers many frequently asked questions regarding general information about these students, eligibility for financial aid, and how to complete the FAFSA: financial-aid-and-undocumented-students.

Financial aid can be a vexing process for students of all backgrounds and to best serve all populations, admissions officers should ensure that they know the appropriate resources for their students. Please be aware of your institution’s policies regarding undocumented, Dreamers, and DACA students even if you do not consistently work closely with these populations. For some additional insight into the different immigration terms and categories, we have an informal guide that may assist you with discerning the different populations you may interact with: